I really enjoy cookbooks, foodie magazines/blogs, watching Food Network and  collecting recipes but don’t find cooking naturally easy or intuitive; in fact, I’m completely intimidated by it.   I don’t do well in the kitchen but hope to improve that and start eating more healthy, organically and close to the source.  I want to rid myself of as many processed foods as possible.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop drinking Coca-Cola though…it’s my greatest weakness!  And coffee….there needs to be a place for coffee always!  As a result, I suspect the weight loss and desire to feel better and have more energy will happen.  I hope that if I can achieve control over that part of my life, that it will help me accomplish some of my other goals in my pursuit of happiness and living with passion and purpose.  At the moment, it is something I struggle to find.  It seems a simplistic theory but for some reason….it makes sense that healthy living and eating would be the foundation for everything else!

I just recently started compiling this so it’s not greatly organized yet.  I wanted to have a place to archive recipes from some of my favorite foodie blogs, websites, and those shared with me from personal recipes or cookbooks.  I also wanted to be able to share with anyone that might enjoy them as well.

A number of the recipes had to be marked private because of copyright protection.  If a particular one interests you, just shoot me an email to kitchenwithaview@gmail.com and I’ll figure out a way to share it or get it to you.

I’ll also be putting together a link archive of recipes that I find online that I hope to try out, an index of the recipes archived by category, and also links to my favorite blogs and websites.

Attraversiamo! (I loved the scene from the movie Eat Pray Love when Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert chose this as her favorite Italian word.  It simply means “let’s cross over” but is profound in applying it to crossing over to a new way of living life, a new view….it implies evolution and growth.  Beautiful word!)

Thanks for visiting,

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. – La Rochefoucauld


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